It’s been a while since we updated our blog.

This is pretty much the start of all our posts and I guess it’s becoming more of a pattern now. Well, I’m guessing most of you would agree this is something that happens too often to everyone these days.

Everyone is on a routine that keeps them extremely busy from focusing on little acts that could calm a bit of their bustling lives (whether it be mentally or physically or both). A lot has happened since the last time this blog released its last post. We won’t go into details here, but as a reader you can trust us when we say A LOT. Individually the reasons for the changes in our lives are different, but the effects are almost the same.

Honestly, change isn’t something that can be avoided. Whether it be a drastic change or the little acts you tweak in our routine to do better for yourself, change is something that does not stop happening. As it would be for anyone, the changes in our lives have their ups and downs and they still continue to do.


No matter how many times you count your blessings that you have, you tend to thing about the many things you miss, regret or yearn for. Those thoughts aren’t easy to brush off as they hold memories of people, things and experiences that have now become part of you. From all the thoughts that pass by within a day, week, or month, the only thought that should remain is how grateful you can be for where you are today.

Life can be harsh. This is a fact. From the many stories you hear and see all around the world, life experiences are not always happy, pleasant or successful. Many out there have gone through situations that we wouldn’t dream of experiencing. Now, that does not allow ourselves to compare lives to another and weigh in whose experiences are better. Each have their own experiences that teach them lessons that taken them to their next chapter.

For us, our experiences have been… challenging but the highlight of it all is how we got through it and we still do.

To whoever who is reading this post, may the changes you face in your lives challenge you to overcome the lows. May you take a walk, read a book, cook a favorite meal or even compliment a another being. May you take a moment, an hour or even a day to experience some much needed calm-ness in your busy routines.

Take care ya’ll!

17 Things an MBA has taught me apart from being ‘academically well versed’…

MBA is not just an addition to your profile or a step to a successful career. I am very much enjoying my journey so far and I am only half way through. Yet I can confidently say I am a changed individual in just these 6 months of study. So when you plan to do an MBA get ready to give in the best of your potential in life. Its a pretty much demanding journey but one with the most rewards. Hope you enjoy reading and do add in some of your thoughts if you may agree more 🙂

Here you go..

16 Things an MBA has taught me apart from being ‘academically well versed’…

  1. Being calm is not an option: You are either stressed or emotionless.
  2. Organizing is key: You must pre-plan your whole year in advance including your leave, your PMS days and most productive days AND abide by them!
  3. Stay healthy: Sleep + exercise = productivity, Caffeine + healthy diet = positivity x mental focus!
  4. NEWS: A must read! Download all possible apps to get alerts from all over the world and even outer space.
  5. Change the way you shop: Yes! You start thinking between the lines of a SALE or a weekly draw even at a 1 pound store!
  6. Valuing relationships: Surprising but true! That’s a sign when you really need your break! Yay family time.. (miracles happen).
  7. Personality development: Unknowingly but eventually you change into a different person (in a good way).
  8. I’m more confident: Just a result of meeting classmates who are 5 to 30 years older than me.
  9. You finally can start a conversation at your Dad’s Boss’s dinner party: Talk about the weather or the economy, Always works!
  10. Even more practical thinking: YES or a NO.. Mostly a NO!
  11. Study time: Follow the student handbook. 20 hours a week is actually the right way and not just for ‘those nerds’.
  12. Networking: Growing connections on linkedin and not facebook.
  13. Use of Marketing Jargons: Competitive Advantage is an alternative for ‘I’m better than you’.
  14. Size matters: Size of the BOOKS.. it’s either big or bigger.
  15. Stronger career path: Don’t have to google ‘how to write an effective cover letter’ anymore. You know what would get you that job.
  16. Why work experience is actually a ‘requirement’: 3 years minimum = 10% helpful and 90% delete and replace. The more you work the less you need to read/browse/search/understand/learn.
  17. Change in preferences: Be it the Movies you loved to watch or the Events you never missed. You now start looking at the ROI’s!

~ Shahana

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