Oh 2020…

You’re going to be a very memorable year for everyone around the World!

*Takes the longest sigh ever​*

Thought of making a COME BACK with a ‘New Year, New/Improved Me’ post, but looks like I’ve got a better story for this one!

Let’s start with a what a wonderful decade this has been, At least for me personally! Starting University in 2009 after my wonderful 2 years of High school. I remember being so naïve and lost and almost unsure of what’s going on. My choice for most of the options throughout the following years was to go with – anything and everything SAFE. It turned out to be good and bad in its own way! 

From my first job before Uni to my last before leaving Dubai. Learned so much about people and relationships. About how much of a blessing it is to be left with a handful of genuine people vs the crowd around you. 
In all these years, what’s been consistent and always my priority was Me Familia!

These past 10 years have been very special to me in many ways:
(not necessarily in order)

Me and my Soul Sista started a BLOG! 
Scored 2 Degrees
Lived Alone
Worked with some wonderful people, some of whom I call Mentors now
Bought a car, a pre-loved special one 🙂
Did some adult banking financing stuff (It’s a huge deal for me!)
Experienced ups and downs of relationships and emotions
Made the best of best of best friends for life!
Found LOVE and got Married to this wonderful Man!
Most importantly, spent a great time finding myself and growing as a person along the way. 

The best learning of my life for life will be:
Understanding, Appreciating and Acknowledging who I am. 

And with this post, begins my comeback! *hand wave emoji*


Hey you, How you doin’?

Deep inside, how do you really feel? For once let’s not answer with a “Hey I’m great!” Ask yourself this and answer with a few Adjectives, maybe your reply would change by the end of this post!

It’s a been a few weeks of me noticing a pattern in the many things I feel. Irrespective of that my answer would always be I’m doing well. I mean we wouldn’t go around expressing our ‘adjectives’ to the world but its so important to shout them out to yourself! This is a just a new perspective of looking at things.

This year has been a year where many have acknowledged their feelings of highs and lows. 2020 has been tough for most of us but 2020 is also the year where people have started to listen more and be more supportive of other people who have been feeling or expressing themselves all these years. Don’t you think so? There is this sensitivity attached to everything we do and feel now. That’s what this year was!

Happy, anxious, stressed out, tired, bored, scared, excited; what is your adjective? I have been listing them out almost everyday and that’s helping me get to know myself even better and do better for the ones around me. This emotional wheel could be a good way to start! A mentor/friend of mine shared this with me a few months ago when I had just got married and moved to new country – it helped me understand my emotions better and to communicate them better.

Special mention to my Soul Sista and Co-blogger who has always been there for me. We talk and discuss many things under the sun/rain and recently flurries! Its always nice to have this one person who is the center of everything, she has seen me through the years and totally gets me each time!

Lastly, being thankful to the little things from hot water to drink and bathe to parents and family who are always there, especially my super supportive Husband!

I think irrespective of the time, year and situation understanding yourself first makes a huge difference in how we chose to live in this world. With that said, time to tackle endless laundry… Bye now!


Mind over matter

It’s been a while since we updated our blog.

This is pretty much the start of all our posts and I guess it’s becoming more of a pattern now. Well, I’m guessing most of you would agree this is something that happens too often to everyone these days.

Everyone is on a routine that keeps them extremely busy from focusing on little acts that could calm a bit of their bustling lives (whether it be mentally or physically or both). A lot has happened since the last time this blog released its last post. We won’t go into details here, but as a reader you can trust us when we say A LOT. Individually the reasons for the changes in our lives are different, but the effects are almost the same.

Honestly, change isn’t something that can be avoided. Whether it be a drastic change or the little acts you tweak in our routine to do better for yourself, change is something that does not stop happening. As it would be for anyone, the changes in our lives have their ups and downs and they still continue to do.


No matter how many times you count your blessings that you have, you tend to thing about the many things you miss, regret or yearn for. Those thoughts aren’t easy to brush off as they hold memories of people, things and experiences that have now become part of you. From all the thoughts that pass by within a day, week, or month, the only thought that should remain is how grateful you can be for where you are today.

Life can be harsh. This is a fact. From the many stories you hear and see all around the world, life experiences are not always happy, pleasant or successful. Many out there have gone through situations that we wouldn’t dream of experiencing. Now, that does not allow ourselves to compare lives to another and weigh in whose experiences are better. Each have their own experiences that teach them lessons that taken them to their next chapter.

For us, our experiences have been… challenging but the highlight of it all is how we got through it and we still do.

To whoever who is reading this post, may the changes you face in your lives challenge you to overcome the lows. May you take a walk, read a book, cook a favorite meal or even compliment a another being. May you take a moment, an hour or even a day to experience some much needed calm-ness in your busy routines.

Take care ya’ll!

One Fine Outing

It’s been a while since we got active on our blog, so we thought we could restart by posting a few glimpses from our recent outing.

It’s always a gratifying feeling when the country we live in is always aiming to build a bigger and better lifestyle for us to experience. There is always something new here, and that’s the specialty.


Pressure: Bae for LIFE!

Hello you people reading.. Brace yourselves for this rant that you are about to waste the coming few minutes on!!

Every being on earth has a tough life obviously cause that’s the bloody essence to survive, okay I get it BUT why do other things like: Time, Age, MONEY, Geography, Emotional Parents, and other freaking people who you don’t even know have to add to this already so tough life of yours that you are struggling to live?! Why? Just whhyy…

I come from a moderately conservative family, and I am very much okay with that. I was always allowed to do what I wish but with T&C’s lol, which is fair okay I get the worries. But when I am being such a nice person understanding all that, Why am I taken for granted? for being so understanding? It should be the other way around, I should be more trusted and allowed to make decisions that obviously are reliable and practical. However, that sadly isn’t the case. So do you get the level of frustration a person who is sensible with average IQ and BIG FAT DREAMS/AIMS/GOALS, has to undergo for no real reason? Like seriously!

You finish school, finish university and even grad school for what bruv? to freaking get a career not the ones of the millionaires but reach at a fair level you have worked so hard for. All these years you wait to reach this stage when you slog to find a job and settle down career wise. But NO, it’s time to get married, be a wife and start a family…Yuhhuu What fun! (no offence maybe it’s fun and is a dream for some, but not mine at the moment). Oh when you say no to that, You apparently have never ever followed your family or society or the freaking way of life. Like whaaat??!! Apparently anything you wish to do, you can do it after Marriage with your Husband! Yay that seems so possible…

And the best part, you don’t even get a job why? cause the market is down. Sure bruv you can be down and low as it can get but why now? and why you taking forever? Doesn’t the economy have 1 freakin job (or 2, for ma friend too). Anybody at this situation would move out and look elsewhere or maybe enjoy the vacay! But Na’a moving out is a huge step for you and the only next step is to be wife (woot woot). Okay so you try to destress by meeting your friends, shopping or any other thing you would do which will obviously cost you and make you spend them bucks on, but Hello hold on dahling! Your bank account is on freaking maternity leave!

Now you are drowning with emotions, but positive tumblr life quotes got you! Your optimist bar just rises and some nobody; your neighbor, or a relative who had been MIA all their life comes into the scene all so alarmed trying to save your life gives these oh so wise advices to you and family about how my age isn’t proportionate to what I’m doing with my life. ‘You need to settle down soon, your parents need a break’, ‘Just do some job for now anyway you gonna be home multitasking household chores’, ‘You won’t find good guys if you delay so much’, ‘Don’t know why her parents even listen to her, kids delay but they must know’ – People! I understand how worried you are about me, I really appreciated your non-existence in my life before so let’s maintain that in future too!

So you are in your bed going through insta and checking out vlogs on Youtube, and you hear mumbling from the other room. Who them? My family, Saying what? How they are so worried about me (which basically is my marriage). Like if you all haven’t got it yet – Marriage is what I was born for peeps! *emoji with the shades on*. Okay so I understand that has been yours and every other person’s dream to get me married HURRAY! But hold on a tad bit, it won’t harm you for sure I know!

It’s so simple, yet so hard for anybody to understand that – Marriage, Job, Family and Death (lol) doesn’t need a specific time, location, age, financial status, or societal pressure to be scheduled in one’s life! If I’m happy and I feel I’m settled then I’m obviously open to how others want to take the wheel of my life. Right now I’m not, how hard is it to see that Ya’ll? Stop this pressure, give it time. Let us figure out life first, just stop this unhappy cribbing for a while! It’s so uncalled for.. On one side (online) you see these posts about Feminism and Career Success and on the other side (the reality) you are literally fighting amongst so many emotions and killing yourself inside. The worst part, it’s not because of you that you are in this stress.. It’s the people, the pressures they bring into your life. When will this stop?! I can go on and on ranting, but I know the next minute I post this I’m going back to the physics of life – trying to position my age and life stage at equilibrium. Byyee..


Image Source: disney.wikia.com

Life hacks for that phase in life when everything falls apart! (Tried & Tested by me)

No this isn’t a depressing, negative and disorienting post. It’s just an acknowledgement to one of the phases in life. The not so good one! According to me there are 6 facets to life – Family, Friends, Love, Education, Health and Career. Imagine when all of them go wrong! That’s what this is post is all about.

Just FYI I’m not going through depression or any unlikely mental condition. Life can’t always be happy and exciting, hence the posts too. No one actually talks much about the downfalls in life. Many of the posts/articles/videos/pictures tell a story that explain happiness or joy the person is going through. Yes, that’s a wonderful feeling to share your good times with everyone. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t going through a rough patch. Everyone is surely tackling something that makes them sad/depressed/unhappy/regret and that’s pretty much the truth which is hidden in those happy stories they share.

But wait, It’s not so bad after all its pretty much a learning and testing of your patience!

I may sound like I have found inner peace with all this negativity. But NO it’s a big fail! The trick is to use this phase as a stepping stone to follow your passion. It’s about finding yourself and knowing what you are good at. I know it’s hard but fighting for what isn’t happening or complaining is not the way out. You are just making yourself believe you can’t do it.What has to happen will happen at its right time which is pretty unknown and frustrating. But such is life! (Yup! It took me some time to understand and believe what I just said)

I’m addicted to productivity in anything I do. And it feels worse when your mental health stops you from doing things you could be doing just fine on the other days. Best is to let those days be the most unproductive of all its okay you don’t need to work yourself out. You are your own boss! You define your ways –

Come in terms with the situation, see what you can do with the skills & support you have. There are going to ups and downs, so many days when you have zero level of optimism. Let those days be don’t worry about not being productive or being nice to someone. Just do what makes you feel happy, even if it is getting sun burnt at the beach all alone but you are happy at the end of the day.

Strike out your worries out one by one, tackle them one by one. Don’t think or try to solve all the worries at once you just won’t make it. Prioritize and combat!

Speak to your friends and family, Yup! You have to. How much we want to run away from them and not explain anyone what we need and want cause they simple won’t get it. But just try and you will have help right there waiting to solve your mess. Remember you just need their support not their approval (Sadly, I’m guilty of that!! Yet it’s WIP).

Workout – Physically & Mentally, The best!

Keep trying, be it your job, education, health or family you just have to keep trying. Surely at a different intensity everyday but even if it is an 2% effort to fix things you still got to get the ball rolling. Don’t stick with the past and be open to ‘Change’. You need it!

Lastly be thankful to what you have, more than often times we don’t look into the good side of life and only focus on things that aren’t working out and ultimately reach nowhere. Take a break, stop and look at all that little things you have in life that others don’t and be thankful for those.

I am still working on achieving what I wish to achieve in life. These hacks have helped me through the years, yet I still have those days with lowest motivation. But you have to keep working for yourself cause if you don’t no one will! PERIOD


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The day we went for the Colour Run 2015

The day of Colour Run 2015 – 21st November 2015

After a year of wanting to go for the Colour Run – We finally made it.

Last year Shahana had brought up the idea of wanting to go for the event but we missed the deadline ‘cos of so many pending decisions like I had to travel to Qatar and the dates weren’t confirmed and many other tiny issues…

This year, it was a lot better because we got better compaanyyyy :). We got to pull along our mutual-work-colleague who is now our new-found bestie – Ranjeeta and her little sister -Rachna!

We received the Colour Run pack with some merchandise waaayy ahead of the event so it got us some time to feel the excitement for many days that the excitement did turn towards wee bit of nervousness (considering it was our first public run and that saying it includes color!), but it was all well in the end.

We had to be there at 7am as the gates apparently closes by 9.30 am- the thought of waking up early and to drive to a location far away was by itself a mission for us. As dramatic as it sounds, we did make it on time, well 8.30 ish to be exact, ready to face our next mission to begin the race.

Runners were released on to the tracks on batches and we were (safely) the last batch of runners. Although the hype and attraction, we guessed, would have been more for the first batches, we could see the organizers/ hosts did their best to keep up the excitement till the very end.

Colour run

Map of the Colour Run 2015.

To sum it up, as it looks on the map it was surely one colorful event!! We were super excited to go for the run and glad we can tick it off our non-existing bucket list! 😀
Colour runs like these happen in different countries and if you happen to spot one in your place don’t hesitate to sign up for it to enjoy the event!


Signing off now,


Glasgow, Largest City in Scotland

Known for its People, Architecture, Weather, Local Life and History; Glasgow is the Largest city in Scotland. Here are some clicks from our 5-hour self tour exploring Glasgow by walk. Hope you like them 🙂

Argyle Street - Outside Glasgow City Bus Station

Argyle Street – Outside Glasgow City Bus Station

Our Tour Guide - Followed the Old Fashioned Way of using Street Maps to walk our way exploring the Local City Life of Glasgow.

Our Tour Guide – Followed the Old Fashioned Way of using Street Maps to walk our way exploring the Local City Life of Glasgow.

Fountain at Glasgow Green

Fountain at Glasgow Green

People's Palace - Was a Vacation House for the Royals and now a Museum with interesting Life Histories.

People’s Palace – Was a Vacation House for the Royals and now a Museum with interesting Life Histories.

Glasgow Brewery View from Glasgow Green

Glasgow Brewery View from Glasgow Green

Winter Garden at Glasgow Green

Winter Garden at Glasgow Green

The Famous Barras Market - A walk away from People's Palace

The Famous Barras Market – A walk away from People’s Palace

Barras Market of 1920's still in Function - Known for its Traditional Trade of Used Goods.

Barras Market of 1920’s still in Function – Known for its Traditional Trade of Used Goods.

Tolbooth Steeple - Major City Landmark

Tolbooth Steeple – Major City Landmark

Merchant Square - Old Fruit & Vegetable Market

Merchant Square – Old Fruit & Vegetable Market

Merchant Square, Now - An attraction for Dining, Shopping, Street Entertainment and Seasonal markets

Merchant Square, Now – An attraction for Dining, Shopping, Street Entertainment and Seasonal markets

George Street - Walk towards the City Chambers

George Street – Walk towards the City Chambers

Glasgow City Chambers

Glasgow City Chambers

George Square

George Square

Streets of Glasgow

Streets of Glasgow

Climbing up to the peak of the Lighthouse - Just 136 Steps x2

Climbing up to the peak of the Lighthouse – Just 136 Steps x2

View from the Lighthouse

View from the Lighthouse

From the top most point of the Lighthouse

From the top most point of the Lighthouse

~ Shahana




Hallo There! So it’s our One Year Blog Anniversary *fireworks emoticon* and we thought we would post a new type of a write-up. Something that most interests us. By us I mean our fellow Twenty-Something readers. And obviously it has to be Movies, all kinds of it. Our recommendations and reviews of recent and much loved movies list before you as a check-list to strike off and watch the space for more to come.

Our Preferred Friday Night Movies:

  1. Minions: If you need a time off from the real world and want to imagine little yellow talking bouncy creatures working for a badass Female villain. The Minions it is. You’ll end up falling asleep and dreaming about cute fuzzy things.
  2. About Alex: A light, friendship based movie with smart humor content. The movie’s script is based on how expectations take a toll on one’s relationships. Max Greenfield is fun and amazingly different from his New Girl Series character.
  3. Age of Adeline: Too imaginary yet still makes you want to finish the movie and know how it ends. And of course Blake Lively is as flawless as ever…
  4. Coco before Chanel: Not a new release, but I kinda like biographies and this one shows the early life of Chanel, which is pretty interesting.
  5. Morning Glory: I like how realistic this movie is in terms of depicting a life of a Media Professional and what they have to deal with at work and in their personal lives.
  6. Before we go: Only watched it because of Chris Evans. It’s the example of real life romance and not the usual movie script.
  7. Hot Pursuit: Almost a Chick Flick with some Gun Firing.
  8. Peace, Love and Misunderstanding – This movie would make you feel light-hearted with strong hippie feel and a confused yet simple understanding about family bonds.
  9. Descendants – Not much of a happy-go lucky movie – but if you want a movie to give you that feel of going to the beach without even heading out your front door – yep this is it.
  10. The Holiday – Ahh this is one of THE perfect chick-flick weekend movies. It has it all – the feel-good one with the funny moments and perfect for every girl. We Lovvee!
  11. 500 Days of summer – One of those beautiful movies that makes you wonder even after the credit gets rolling. A movie on love/friendship, being afraid to commitment and so the wise breakup.
  12. Fault in our stars – Yes, indeed it a movie of emotions in abundance. It may the teenage love that may make you feel squeezy – but nothing can beat the love with flaws – emotional and physical.
  13. Mona Lisa Smile – The queen movie to motivate a ‘family girl’ who wants a ‘career girl’ life. This movie speaks for itself and every girl – small town or city girl SHOULD watch it.

Afternoon Movies:

  1. Every secret thing: Reason this movie falls under the after-noon is because you don’t want to dream about kidnapping and killings. Yet it’s an interesting watch with some resemblance to the Hugh Jackman movie, The Prisoners.
  2. Gone Girl: Loved it but an after-noon watch for the same reasons as above.
  3. Jurassic World: Unrealistic yet liked the suspense and tension it created.
  4. Interstellar – A ‘’universal’’ experience when you watch this one. Yes, it may seem lengthy at times – but if you would really like to be wow-ed by pure science and the existence of the world (as we know it) – its definite must watch.
  5. Killers: Love the cast! Can watch it again and again and again.
  6. Lucy: I have a thing for women-oriented movies!

Movies we watched but weren’t so happy with:

  1. Aloha: Stunning cast yet the movie was almost a love story that took place at a war front. And yes Love wins!
  2. She’s funny that way: A disappointing end. It seems as if the script writer was confused with Owen Wilson’s hookups in the movie and just picked most senseless ending to the story.
  3. Accidental Love: Accidental Watch
  4. Cinderella: Bad casting and too English, dint go with the Disney feel (that’s what I would have preferred).
  5. Mortdecai: Johnny Depp was brilliant. And that’s all.

A Must-Watch Movie List, No Reasons Needed:


  1. Little Women
  2. Big Eyes
  3. Woman in Gold


  4. August Rush
  5. Pianist
  6. A little Chaos
  7. Whiplash
  8. A Beautiful Mind

    Fantasy Adventure

  9. Lemony Snickets’s Unfortunate Events
  10. Sherlock Holmes
  11. Divergent
  12. Hobbit
  13. Life of PI


  14. Brave
  15. Mulan
  16. Song of the Sea
  17. How to train your dragon
  18. Home